My work explores transformation, The now and then and the space in between.  I am fascinated by the transient nature of the urban landscape and its ever changing skyline, seemingly in a continual cycle of demolition and rebuilding. The daily process of change being gradual and unnoticed with the contrast highlighted in an old photograph from thirty years ago.

I am drawn to derelict and disused spaces, the stillness they encapsulate and the discarded and forgotten fragments scattered across the floor. Once busy places become empty rooms, cracked windows, peeling paint, moss and decay, inspire my imagination and the surfaces of my work. I like to draw in these spaces but more than that I love to rummage. Digging through the detritus like an unhinged archaeologist or treasure hunter. I collect the discarded objects and ephemera from the floors, cupboards and drawers.   

Old maps, architectural drawings, photographs, electrical components,  mechanisms, rusted metal, boxes, glass, architectural salvage, broken plastics and wood. I collect everything. I incorporate this found ephemera into my paintings, prints and installations or work directly onto the surface of the objects using materials such as gesso, beeswax and egg tempera because of their textural qualities. In my installations the objects become the marks on my canvas.