12 - 6pm / 22 & 23 September 2018  - NewFangled OldFangled - Venue 13 at Colony of Artists Annual Exhibition 2018
Closing Party 6 - 8 pm Sunday 23 September


September 2018 - Fun of the Fair - Venue 40, Art Walk Porty 2018

May 2018 - Ghost Lines, Hidden Door Festival
Creation of two site-specific drawings from old maps of Leith Docks were created on copper using experimental processes. The final works were presented in square format, comprising of individual square copper sheets in reference to the national grid and ordnance survey maps.

September 2017 – ‘Re/covered < > Re/formed’, Edgelands Project, Art Walk Porty
Site specific interventions mapping and referencing Portobello’s ever changing historical urban footprint. Re/covered  – copper drawing at the site of the old lido. Re/formed – plaster cast electrical fuses on the gate of the old power station. 

June 2017 – ‘Fossil’, Hidden Door Festival
A glow in the dark, sculptural installation of hundreds of casts created from salvaged fragments of an 80s super computer. The elements were arranged to echo the shape of the 1984 Tape Carousel and create an impression of a fossilised computer

May 2016 -  ‘E.R.R.R.’ (EJECT RELOAD REWIND REPLAY), Hidden Door Festival
A light reactive drawing and multi media installation within an 80s super computer

February 2016 – Stratigraphic, Gayfield Creative Spaces

May 2015 – 'The Space in between’, Hidden Door Festival
Glass sculpture created in the window of a disused boiler room, making use of the changing light throughout the day. Constructed with found glass which were collaged with discarded maps and architectural drawings from the 1990s  and suspended within old window hoppers.

April 2014 - 'Spadework' Vault 5, Hidden Door Festival
Installation drawing combining archaeological reference with visual imagery, found objects and interwoven with the aural history of discovered memories through text and sound installation.

Selected Exhibitions

September 2014  – Colony of Artists
June 2013 - Leith Late Festival- 'Composite Landscapes', The Old Ambulance Depot
June 2012 - ‘Clang Clang Goes The Last Tram’, George Watson’s College
February 2012 – Society of Scottish Artists / Visual Art Scotland, RSA
November 2011 – Royal Scottish Academy Open, RSA
June 2011 – ‘East’ George Watson’s College, Edinburgh
October 2010 – Hidden Door, Roxy Art House, Edinburgh
May 2010 – Dr Neil’s Garden Exhibition, Duddingston
March 2010 – Art Space2let, Edinburgh
February 2010 – Visual Art Scotland Annual Exhibition, RSA
January 2010 – Hidden Door, Roxy Art House, Edinburgh
April 2009 – Leith School of Art 20th Anniversary Exhibition, Edinburgh
December 2008 – The Henderson Gallery Christmas Exhibition, Edinburgh
October 2008 – ‘Temple’ Leith School of Art, Edinburgh