Travels with a sketchbook

Three weeks of my trip have already gone and it's farewell to Laos and Vietnam.  

So far... We visited family in Northern Laos then traveled down the Mekong in a slow boat to Luang Prabang, where we hung out with old friends and ate Laos BBQ pretty much every day.  In Vietnam we walked and walked and walked.... our legs ached after walking the perimeter of west lake. We stumbled across Chinese styled temples and got lost in the jumbled buildings of the old town, we ate fantastic steet foods and drank the cheapest beer ever at 25p a glass.  From Hanoi to Hoi An... where it rained for 3 days and the town flooded so much that we had to leave our hotel in a boat.  We escaped to Da Nang which is a neon city at night and has a Dragon brigde who's party trick is to breath fire.  Final destination in Vietnam, Halong Bay..  the sun didnt shine but the cloudy sky and mist added an eerie atmosphere. My sketchbook has been keeping me company and its already half full.  Still another 3 weeks left to discover and draw Thailand.  Hopefully it won't rain anymore....