Upsizing the drawings...... 


Light reactive drawings

rubbings, prints and drawings inspired by 80's tech and broken circuit boards.... all will be revealed at Hidden Door Festival 27 May - 4 June 2016

Stratigraphic (strəˈtɪɡrəfɪ )

Coming Soon.......

23 - 28 February 12 - 6 pm  
Closing Party 26 February 7 - 9.30 pm

Stratigraphy (strəˈtɪɡrəfɪ ) 

Digging through the detritus like an unhinged archaeologist or treasure hunter. I collect the discarded objects and ephemera from the floors, cupboards and drawers. Old maps, architectural drawings, photographs, electrical components, mechanisms, rusted metal, boxes, glass, architectural salvage, broken plastics and wood. I collect everything.

[Archaeological Stratigraphy] a vertical section through the earth showing the relative positions of the human artefacts and therefore the chronology of successive levels of occupation

gayfield  11 gayfield square   eh1 3nt

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I've been painting in oil for a change... New work inspired by my boiler installation at Hidden Door.

Found glass

Today I have been building this. Found glass, window frames painted with wax, discovered ephemera and projected negatives.... can't wait to exhibit at Hidden Door festival in May..... 

been feeling green

Inspired by the squidgy mossy carpet in the dilapidated office block on King Stables Road I have made a start on these bits of found glass... only another 400 pieces to go and then to figure how to hang them. Ideas anyone?