I am a multi media artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland.  

My practice is rooted in creating work that responds to a sense of place and archaeological storytelling. Prior to working in the creative industry, I was an archaeologist. This previous life has permeated and deeply influenced my artistic practice. Old maps, abandoned spaces, their histories and the archaeology of found objects discovered within them, is a consistent thread that weaves through my past and present projects. Archaeological treasure: old computer fragments, electrical components, mechanisms, found metal and glass, old boxes, architectural salvage, broken plastics and wood revealing traces of histories. What remains and what has faded, testifying to permanence and impermanence.  

Many of these objects are then incorporated into my work either as inspirational starting points, or as part of an end piece. They are often interwoven with drawn and printed elements, cast into replica forms or incorporated with sound, light and video to create immersive site-specific installations. 

Each new piece of work is driven by the discovery of a fresh material and a series of processes that push the work, challenge my abilities and build on previous skills and experience.

I am highly self-motivated; thriving on challenging briefs, projects and environments. My practice is characterised by an attraction to experimentation, and a curiosity and adaptability across extremes of scale, diverse mediums and disciplines; all of which is united and underpinned by a rigour informed by my academic background